importance of keystone habits

The Importance of Keystone Habits

As Charles Duhigg stated in his book the Power of Habits, detecting keystone habits means searching out certain characteristics. These kinds of habits nurture...
mprove your time management

Ways to Improve Your Time Management At Home

In today's new normal, people are having difficulty disciplining themselves in doing their tasks. No more alarms, no more office rules to adhere, and...

How to be More Creative at Work?

People tend to think that creativity is limited to a few. Steve Jobs, a former CEO of Apple, imparted his strategies on how to...
morning routine to boost productivity

Morning Routines to Boost Productivity

Being dedicated to your morning routines help you to boost your productivity and prime your entire day. If you’re wondering what morning routines you...
good boss is beneficial

A Good Boss is Beneficial for First-time Job Seekers

At present, most of the young professionals prefer to have a good boss than having high salaries. There are various explanations of why having...

The Key Difference between Ego and Confidence

In life, confidence is a requirement to obtain what we pursue. However, the majority insisted that too much confidence breeds ego that disrupts a...
the importance of communicating your purpose

The Importance of Communicating Your Purpose

A common question that most young adults encounter is what do you want to choose purpose or passion? This article is excerpted from a...
ideal things to consider when finding a job

Ideal Things To Consider When Finding a Job

In this fast-changing world, even factors to consider for searching for a job are also changing. Most people say that salary is the best...
smart cities

How Smart Cities Improve Quality of Life

United Nations (UN) projected that by 2050, 68 percent of the world population will live in urban cities. Thus, environmental, societal, and economic challenges...

5 Ways to Combat Work-Related Stress

Most people experience stress when working. It is a normal reaction of the body when it identifies changes. Check out various ways that can...