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Rejection is fine, it makes us BOLDER


It is in the hardest moments that we learn effectively. Rejection is one of the struggles we face in life. But through this type of obstacle, we became stronger and better.

According to Mark Manson, one must suffer emotional pain to develop greater emotional resilience, a stronger sense of self, increased compassion, and a generally happy life.

If you have been rejected, do not be afraid to admit that you were hurt. It’s normal to get hurt. Pain is part of the process of growing. After accepting that you’been rejected, pick up yourself and learn to redirect.

Rejection does not only reminds us that we are human, but it also teaches us patience. You may not get what you want immediately. Bear in mind that the key to achieve your goals on life is to become persistent. Through this, you can explore other paths which more opportunities await.

Interestingly, some people treat rejection as a milestone for their success.

“Sometimes rejection is life’s way of telling us we need to look at a different path to get where we want to be. Maybe the path we’re trying to take to get to our goals is all wrong for us, or maybe there’s a better way and we just haven’t realized it yet,” J.S Wayne said in his article.

There was a young unfortunate immigrant boy from China who lived to settle in the Philippines. He worked from morning to evening to sustain his family’s needs. He enrolled his self to get a college degree. Moreover, he thrives selling overrun shoes. In his journey, he experienced setbacks and rejections. This man who learned so much from his misfortune is one of the richest men in the Philippines. He is known as Henry Sy.

There were rumors that one medical known brand in the Philippines turned down his offer when he asked for space to sell his shoes. When he became successful, he didn’t bother to include the medical store in his malls.

After all, it is in his worst times that he gained the courage to work harder in life.

Rejection enables us to reassure the principles and decisions we have in life. It helps us to be reminded of why we are pursuing this work or why do we choose this path.

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