attain clear goals

8 Ways to Attain Clear Goals

The first month of 2021 ended quickly. However, some of us have not decided which goal to pursue for this year. Today, Ray Dalio,...
values of evolution

The Values of Evolution in Life

The values of evolution play a vital role in life. These equip us to be better every single day. As Charles Darwin reminded us...
how pain emboldens us

How Pain Emboldens Us to Be Great Individuals

As they say no pain no gain. But what's the real explanation for this statement? Well, pain emboldens us differently, especially when we...
how to be happy

Scientific Ways on How to Be Happy?

With the recent pandemic, a lot of people experience anxieties and depression. Individuals struggled to find joy in their day-to-day lives. This article will...
incorporate habits into your lifestyle

How to Incorporate Your New Habits into Your Lifestyle

Here’s to another new year for everyone to make themselves better. To attain this, people craft New Year’s resolutions and obviously, new habits are...
organizations should nurture

3 Things that Organizations should Nurture

There are three significant recipes that organizations should nurture to become successful. These are passion, people, and process. This article will explain how these...

Collaboration is the key to innovation

It's hard to deny that we fall in love with our own ideas. However, collaboration nowadays is the key to organization's breakthroughs. People in...
goals and visions

The Importance of Goals and Visions

It’s another year for us to live our lives more meaningful. At every beginning of the year, some people either revisit or create their...
how to stick to healthy habits

4 Ways on how to stick to healthy habits

A healthy self is a happy soul. Since we are all confined in our homes, most of us become conscious and eager to have...
opportunity cost

The Impact of Opportunity Cost in Life

Choices that we forego defines us. In every decision that we make, we sacrifice the alternative choice and that is the opportunity cost. When you...