values of evolution

The Values of Evolution in Life

The values of evolution play a vital role in life. These equip us to be better every single day. As Charles Darwin reminded us...
how pain emboldens us

How Pain Emboldens Us to Be Great Individuals

As they say no pain no gain. But what's the real explanation for this statement? Well, pain emboldens us differently, especially when we...
how to be happy

Scientific Ways on How to Be Happy?

With the recent pandemic, a lot of people experience anxieties and depression. Individuals struggled to find joy in their day-to-day lives. This article will...
incorporate habits into your lifestyle

How to Incorporate Your New Habits into Your Lifestyle

Here’s to another new year for everyone to make themselves better. To attain this, people craft New Year’s resolutions and obviously, new habits are...
how to stick to healthy habits

4 Ways on how to stick to healthy habits

A healthy self is a happy soul. Since we are all confined in our homes, most of us become conscious and eager to have...
the cost of being kind

The Cost of Being Kind

Most people strive to be kind than to be right. But what's the cost of being kind? Houston Kroft, an author, will impart his...

How to Keep One’s Sanity Amidst the Chaos

When the world seems uncontrollable, focus on what you can control. Today’s pandemic made us anxious and doubtful about our life. But the situation...
mindset of abundance

What is mindset of abundance by Naveen Jain?

"Once you change your mindset from one of scarcity to a mindset of abundance, you begin to think of potentials and possibilities rather than...

The Difference Between Happiness and Joy

Happiness and joy pertain to an elated feeling but imply two different things. Simon Sinek, the author of Start With the Why, differentiate happiness...

Habits that Improve Your Focus Amidst Pandemic

Working remotely nowadays has still bombarded people with workloads. To mitigate anxieties and improve your focus amidst the pandemic, here are some helpful habits...