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4 Ways on how to stick to healthy habits

how to stick to healthy habits

A healthy self is a happy soul. Since we are all confined in our homes, most of us become conscious and eager to have a healthy lifestyle. However, it is difficult to maintain such regimen. Here are simple ways how to stick to healthy habits.

1. Find your purpose

Like any other habit to form, finding purpose is important. This will serve as your core objective which will keep you going.

Keep in mind to set sustainable inspiration rather than immediate -reward goals. People who aim to lose weight will stop adopting a healthy lifestyle after achieving their desired weight.

2. Start your routine with simple habits

Another way on how to stick with your healthy habits is to have simple steps when you start your routine. Building new habits do not entail grandeur steps. All you need to remember is the 2-minute rule, wherein you need to start your habits in less than two minutes. In less than 2-minutes, you can start doing the habit that you desired to adopt.

If you want to stick with your exercise routine, start stretching for a minute before running or yoga.

3. Understand the concept of being healthy

Similar to tip number one, it is essential to understand what means to be healthy. Being healthy does not mean you need to lose fat to look fit. But instead, a healthy person refers to someone who has an uplifting mood and high energy level through his/her habit of exercising and having a balanced diet.

“Basing your actions on another person’s version of health rather than your own will likely lead to disappointment—and can even become dangerous,” MindBodyGreen report stated.

4. Be easy on yourself

Part of the journey of being healthy is to be patient and learn to show compassion for yourself. A healthy lifestyle is a journey and not a race that is defined by your body sizes.

Keep in mind that exercises do not need to be perfect on your first try. Remember that you can always try again when you fail or you lose focus. Creating mistakes will help you to be better.

Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/how-to-form-healthy-habits-that-stick

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