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The Importance of Keystone Habits

importance of keystone habits

As Charles Duhigg stated in his book the Power of Habits, detecting keystone habits means searching out certain characteristics. These kinds of habits nurture other behaviors that create widespread change in one’s life. Thus, it is essential to know the importance of keystone habits.

Influential Habits

Keystone habits are habits that are correlated with other good habits. Regular exercise is an example that works hand-in-hand with healthy eating habits. Importantly, these habits do not directly generate a cause-and-effect relationship. They become transformative because since they create chain reactions with other good behaviors. For short, keystone habits are influential ones.

Knowing the Importance of Keystone Habits

Since keystone habits are little behaviors that spur progress to one’s life, they should be incorporated into our everyday lifestyle. For example, making your bed every morning is a waste of time for some since you’re just going to mess it up again by night time. But this morning routine can increase one’s productivity. Thus, adopting keystone habits enhances your productivity.

Another importance of keystone habits is that they affect you to acquire positive habits that create positive outcomes. When you are cooking your own food, you control what comes in your body. Hence, it is more likely that you will be health-conscious.

Interestingly, keystone habits are essential in making other habits easier. Impactful habits generate immediate boost and reward making future habits easier. A great example is a regular exercise. After working out, you feel good, have more energy, and better sleep. This will trigger your brain to crave more of it.

When you want to change something in your life, start the change within your routines. It is not breakthroughs that change your mind but your daily routines.


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