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8 Ways to Attain Clear Goals

attain clear goals

The first month of 2021 ended quickly. However, some of us have not decided which goal to pursue for this year. Today, Ray Dalio, the author of the Principles will share tips to attain clear goals.

a. Prioritize: while you can have virtually anything you want, you can’t have everything you want

People can’t be satiated. We want to have everything but in reality, we can’t. To attain clear goals, you need to prioritize what is essential for you. Obtaining all options in front of you will stretch you thinner until you can’t accomplish anything. Remember, you do not need a lot of things to be happy.

b. Don’t confuse goals with desires

In life, we thought that we need to achieve that because it is necessary but in fact, we only desire it. Do not confuse your goals with desires because some wants in life hinder us to achieve the essentials.

c. Decide what you really want in life by reconciling your goals and desires

Just because we want it, we need it. Learn to consider the things you do with passion, these are the necessary things. Life is not worth living with your passion. Dalio emphasized that people will be ultimately fulfilled with the right levels of desires and goals.

d. Don’t mistake trappings of success for success itself

Importantly, just because they are earning higher than you, we can say that those people are happier than you. In life, the most successful ones are those who pursue what they really want to do. Never create goals that are influenced by society. Produce goals that are based on what you really want to do.

e. Never rule out of goal because you think it’s unattainable

Be bold in achieving goals in life. Just because it is difficult to attain means you could not possibly obtain your goals. Remember that goals are only impossible when we do not start executing our plans.

f. Remember that great expectations create capabilities

To attain clear goals, you need to push yourself beyond your capabilities. It is more fulfilling when you achieve something you have not imagined you can at the beginning.

g. Almost nothing can stop you from succeeding if you have flexibility and self-accountability

If you can adapt easily to reality and be accountable for your actions, you will easily obtain your goals. Learn to accept your short calculations because this will make you bolder

h. Knowing how to deal well with your setbacks is as important as knowing how to move forward

Challenges in life are inevitable. It is in the darkest time of our lives that we also found the strength we need to discover to move forward in life. When we are faced with setbacks do not be demoralized because sometimes it is nature’s way to allow us to experience hardships to help us be firmed on our choices in life.

The Values of Evolution in Life

values of evolution

The values of evolution play a vital role in life. These equip us to be better every single day. As Charles Darwin reminded us that it is not the strongest nor the smartest species that can survey but it is the one that can adapt to change. Here are the explanations why evolution matters.

The first value that evolution taught us is it is the most permanent thing in the world. In the book of Ray Dalio, the Principles, he stated that all things get reconfigured in evolving forms.

“Remember that energy can’t be destroyed– it can only be reconfigured. So the same stuff is continuously falling apart and coalescing in the different forms,” Dalio stated.

Importantly, it is the evolution that enables us to adapt in order to improve. With organizations, if your operations could not adapt to the rapid change of technologies, you will miss the opportunity to grasp growth brought by improvements.

For that reason, one of the values of evolution in life is being the greatest reward. As technologies advance, people become more equip in their daily routines. We work smarter and become more productive. It is the reward that mankind needs– to be better individuals to acquire a better quality of life.

Dealing with evolution helps you to fully grasp the reality that we should not be satisfied in maintaining the status quo because present problems can be addressed by changing what we currently have. And changing for the better entails sacrifices. Along the way, we need do push ourselves to the limits to acquire change even though pain might occur. But remember pain emboldens us to be great. Therefore, evolution allows us to choose which path in life we are willing to take.


How Pain Emboldens Us to Be Great Individuals

how pain emboldens us

As they say no pain no gain. But what’s the real explanation for this statement? Well, pain emboldens us differently, especially when we aim for ambitious goals.

At some point, we don’t like to experience pain but nature does not allow this to occur without any purpose. Thus, pain directs us to where we should be heading. However, we should not avoid pain because conquering it is a manifestation that we become progressive in life. We were able to go through our challenges because we pushed ourselves to our limits. And when you push yourself to the limits, you are indeed maximizing your potentials. Indeed, we become better versions of ourselves when we choose to grow beyond our comfort zones.

Accordingly, it is not the conquering part that made us strong but it is when we reflected on our tough times. Stepping back for a moment to ponder how we were able to overcome pain and what we have become after it is significant matters that shape us to better individuals.

“Many people who have endured setbacks that seemed devastating at the time ended up as happy as (or even happier than that) they originally were after they successfully adapted to them,” Ray Dalio written in his book, the Principles.
The truth about pain is to make us understand the reality– if you want to aim for something big, work hard for it. Do not be afraid to create mistakes or fail because if we are open with our weaknesses it will help us deal with them better. The quality of our life depends on the choices we make at those painful moments, and this is how pain emboldens us. Even the worst circumstances in life can be made better with the right approach.

Source: https://qz.com/work/1519245/ray-dalios-philosophy-for-achievement-pain-reflection-progress/

Scientific Ways on How to Be Happy?

how to be happy

With the recent pandemic, a lot of people experience anxieties and depression. Individuals struggled to find joy in their day-to-day lives. This article will impart some scientifically based tips on how to be happy and be more resilient in life.

Happiness does not mean you need to turn negatives into positive ones. It is not just a feeling but a skill that you can strengthen when you practice it. Here are the 5 cores of happiness of Nataly Koran which will support our well-being and help us go through tough times in life.

  1. Acceptance

In life, it is important to acknowledge our difficult situations and feelings rather than neglecting them. Learn to feed your brain clarity–brought by your true situations in life, not something that your brain is creating.

2. Gratitude

It is an active choice you need to make to appreciate small things in life even in the most difficult times. Some people know what is gratitude but only a few individuals who practice this value have benefited from it.

3. Self-care

This refers to ways how you love yourself–manifesting how you take care of your body, mental health, and emotions. Nataly emphasized that self-care is not a luxury but everyone’s responsibility. If you do not care about yourself, how can you show other people that you care for them?

4. Intentional kindness

It is how you show compassion to other people because you want them to be better without asking for anything in return. We need to let our brain feel that human as we are, we need to be connected to other people. We can do this by showing empathy and kindness to any kind without expecting something in return. The connection we create with other people is one way on how to be happy in life.

5. The bigger why

The clarity of our purpose in life is truly essential to be happy. This will remind us that the things we do every single day contribute to them what we want to be in the future and more importantly, to give an impact on something greater than ourselves. Nataly highlighted that if we do something each day, it is helpful to ask ourselves who does it help? Despite that we are having difficulty in doing this, we are shifting our minds to be a pro-social mindset.

These five cores of happiness can easily be incorporated into our daily lives. Keep in mind that we are what we practice. Making this happen will not only make you happy but certainly, you will be an inspiration to the people around you.

Source: https://www.happier.com/the-happier-method/

How to Incorporate Your New Habits into Your Lifestyle

incorporate habits into your lifestyle

Here’s to another new year for everyone to make themselves better. To attain this, people craft New Year’s resolutions and obviously, new habits are desired to be developed. This article will discuss how to incorporate your new habits into your lifestyle

The majority of people develop new habits to obtain the goals they envisioned. But somehow individuals struggle in being consistent with the new regimen you set.

A practical way to incorporate your new habits into your lifestyle is to create cues or triggers. Your environment should stimulate your mind to the habit that you want to adopt. And this is the most simple yet most effective way of incorporating your new habits into your routine because people tend to choose what’s the most obvious rather than and not much on the purposeful drive of it.

Here are different ways on how you can effectively prime your environment based on your goals.

Another way of adopting your new habits is to associate them with a positive routine. When you compel yourself in doing these habits because you know it will make you better, the more you will show up to your habits. The inner satisfaction will keep your fire burning as time flies.

To associate these habits with positive routines, keep in mind to focus on small but progressive steps.

“At this point, when creating the steps that will lead you to concretize the new habit, you need to associate it with feelings of expansion that will permanently energize and drive you,” the report from Entrepreneur stated.

Lastly, for you to effectively incorporate your new habits into your lifestyle, you need to reward yourself for motivation. Reward system has a positive impact to make yourself consistent.

A reward does not need to be extravagant. Keeping a small notebook to write something affirmative to yourself is one way to reward yourself.

Priming your environment, associating new habits to positive routines, and rewarding yourself are effective ways on how you can adopt your new habits. These are simple ways that guarantee you to attain the goals you desire.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/363067?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=webfeeds

3 Things that Organizations should Nurture

organizations should nurture

There are three significant recipes that organizations should nurture to become successful. These are passion, people, and process. This article will explain how these factors are relevant to the success of businesses.

Nowadays, customer experience is the key to keep your sales high. To deliver satisfaction, your team must be passionate about delivering their works. There’s no more than fulfilling to accomplish things passionately. When people are passionate, they will do their work extraordinarily. Certainly, they can speak about what they do. And this is vital for organizations to be successful.

Importantly, people within the organization should know what value they can add to the company. It is costly for business owners to have people who are not passionate about it. These are people who lose the fire in their work because of some instances that they have encountered. Thus, an organization should also make sure to preserve and boost the passion of its people.

The second recipe for the organizations should nurture is people. People are the most valuable asset of the company. According to a report, business leaders that nurture their people through training have more successful businesses. That’s why companies nowadays invest thoroughly in stimulating their culture. Because the secret of great companies is their culture.

Respectively, some entrepreneurs define success when they have impacted someone else’s life positively.
To enhance the culture of the organization, the next recipe to the success of your organization processes. Do not be enslaved by old practices. Recreate your processes to promote smarter ways of doing things. With the ongoing development of technologies, do not waste your time doing things manually.

Keep in mind to solicit ideas from your team before changing such processes. Make sure that your new processes are pro-people. An organization has a viable and healthy environment when employees can communicate well.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/362277?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=webfeeds

Collaboration is the key to innovation


It’s hard to deny that we fall in love with our own ideas. However, collaboration nowadays is the key to organization’s breakthroughs. People in your organization is being hired to help you generate practical solutions that will help CEOs achieve their visions.

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. Breakthroughs are products of fostered ideas that are being generated through team’s brainstorming. With collaboration, critical minds can assess which among the ideas make sense after all.

Accordingly, there are a lot of solutions in companies that are half baked or terrible because no one scrutinize such ideas. Acknowledging the ideas of others and accepting the fact that there will always be a time in our lives that practical solutions are being thought by others.

Interestingly, collaboration empowers team members. Some people have low self-esteem because they are not used to be commended by the people around them. But because they’re given a chance to express their opinions, they were able to attain the sense of fulfillment that was deprived from them before.

That’s why companies conduct pitching event to encourage their employees especially those who are not in the top management to give proposal on how to improve their operations. This is how collaboration stimulates innovation. Traditional companies do not understand that generating of solutions can only be done by the people who are qualified in higher positions.

Keep in mind that just because people are in higher position means they are capable of generating practical solutions and they are the one who are always right. This is one of the costs that companies should consider.

Truly working with others means being willing to give and take as necessary for the greater good of the project at hand,” the report from Forbes stated.


The Importance of Goals and Visions

goals and visions

It’s another year for us to live our lives more meaningful. At every beginning of the year, some people either revisit or create their life goals and visions. It is important to note that goals and visions help us to stay focus. These are directions that will allow us to be better versions of ourselves.

Visions are made to guide us for our future. These are aligned to our principles and values which aim to inspire and motivate us in life. We set visions for the things we want to attain and most importantly, what we want to be in the next 3 to 5 years of our lives.

Accordingly, visions can also be considered as our whys. They make our lives purposeful once we identify what we want to do, achieve, and become in the future. Without vision, it is difficult for us to set the goals we want to accomplish.
Goals, on the other hand, are specific milestones for us to achieve our visions. These are sets of objectives that will help us to be on track. In creating goals, they must be specific, quantifiable, and timely.

Why do we need to set specific goals? Goals should stimulate actions because if dreams have no actions, these are purely hallucinations. In the business world, goals are the strategies and tactics we need to consider to obtain our targets. In the process of achieving our goals, we can sometimes realize to reevaluate our visions, and that is completely fine.

Goals and visions are the maps in our lives. They give us significant directions on where we are heading and how we can do it. That’s why it is important to ponder what you want to do in your life and to identify the actions you need to take in attaining it.


4 Ways on how to stick to healthy habits

how to stick to healthy habits

A healthy self is a happy soul. Since we are all confined in our homes, most of us become conscious and eager to have a healthy lifestyle. However, it is difficult to maintain such regimen. Here are simple ways how to stick to healthy habits.

1. Find your purpose

Like any other habit to form, finding purpose is important. This will serve as your core objective which will keep you going.

Keep in mind to set sustainable inspiration rather than immediate -reward goals. People who aim to lose weight will stop adopting a healthy lifestyle after achieving their desired weight.

2. Start your routine with simple habits

Another way on how to stick with your healthy habits is to have simple steps when you start your routine. Building new habits do not entail grandeur steps. All you need to remember is the 2-minute rule, wherein you need to start your habits in less than two minutes. In less than 2-minutes, you can start doing the habit that you desired to adopt.

If you want to stick with your exercise routine, start stretching for a minute before running or yoga.

3. Understand the concept of being healthy

Similar to tip number one, it is essential to understand what means to be healthy. Being healthy does not mean you need to lose fat to look fit. But instead, a healthy person refers to someone who has an uplifting mood and high energy level through his/her habit of exercising and having a balanced diet.

“Basing your actions on another person’s version of health rather than your own will likely lead to disappointment—and can even become dangerous,” MindBodyGreen report stated.

4. Be easy on yourself

Part of the journey of being healthy is to be patient and learn to show compassion for yourself. A healthy lifestyle is a journey and not a race that is defined by your body sizes.

Keep in mind that exercises do not need to be perfect on your first try. Remember that you can always try again when you fail or you lose focus. Creating mistakes will help you to be better.

Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/how-to-form-healthy-habits-that-stick

The Impact of Opportunity Cost in Life

opportunity cost

Choices that we forego defines us. In every decision that we make, we sacrifice the alternative choice and that is the opportunity cost.

When you choose option A over option B, the latter is the opportunity cost. It is the alternative option that you choose to let go of. Every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else.

With the scared resources we are facing every day, especially time, we set things that we prioritize. Each of us obtains 24 hours a day to seize the moment of every hour to make things worthwhile.

But what is the real impact of opportunity cost in our life? It helps us to be firmed in the choices we make in our lives. To make life worth living, one should have courage to sacrifice something else.

Are you familiar with the Four Burners of Life Theory? It pertains to the four significant aspects of life namely, health, work, friends, and family. To live life, can we keep all these burners running? Obviously, we can’t.

We need to compromise for us to live. But there are various ways to keep these burners running but as mentioned, every decision has consequences to face. If you choose to prioritize your work, at some point your health might suffer. If you choose to make a meaningful relationship with your family, you will have to compromise your time for your friends. Despite the sacrifices, this does not mean that achieving the balance of all these burners are impossible. Here are ways to handle work-life balance.

In life, we are made to choose. If our ability to choose is taken away from us, we allow life to live for us and not us living our life. That’s why we should know what kind of life we want to live, so that it is easier to decide what choices to make. Assessing our opportunity costs help us decide what kind of life we want to live.