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Why Do CEOs Love To Read Books?

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Great CEOs do not just read a book per week yet they read tons of books in a single week. One of the common habits that great CEOs have is to read books. This article tackles why CEOs love to read books.

Despite the fact that we’re in the digital era, great leaders are dedicated to reading books. According to Jim Kwik, brain fitness expert, that “the average CEO is reading four or five books per month. That’s a drastic difference”.

He explained that most CEOs read a lot of books because he believes that people from the past have already experienced different management problems that are applicable today and the possible solutions are being written in different books.

Bill Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft, revealed that reading books is his key in making his business successful. Bill Gates read at least 50 books per year. 

As cited in the article of Blinklist, Bill Gates imparted that “reading is essential for learning new things, thinking differently, and becoming wiser day by day. This, in turn, means they can make better decisions in their life and work and paves the way to a successful life”.

More so, Bill Gates is the best example of a CEO that loves to read books. Despite his tight schedule, he allotted some time to read every day. He can read one book per week.

In terms of the investing industry, Warren Buffet, one of the world’s greatest investors, learned his investing skills through reading different books.

Importantly, Buffet said that knowledge works like compound interest, you can read a few pages each day and learn different things every day.

Reading books has various benefits to a person. It does not only impart knowledge but even different perspectives that can affect one’s decision making and desires in life.