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Ways to Improve Your Time Management At Home

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In today’s new normal, people are having difficulty disciplining themselves in doing their tasks. No more alarms, no more office rules to adhere, and reduced micromanagement from your boss give most employees the freedom to work. However, without structure, workers and even students experience procrastination. Here are some helpful ways to improve your time management at home.

Time blocking improves time management at home

Learn to plan your schedule for the upcoming days. Time blocking is a method wherein you can divide your schedule into blocks of time. A To-do list may help you to be reminded of the tasks you need to do. But with time blocking, it enhances the time you allot in doing a specific task.

Since you already set a certain task to that specific time frame, it is difficult for you to multi-task or even commit to other responsibilities that can affect your productivity and focus. This type of method helps you to prioritize deep works—tasks that need more focus, and setting shallow tasks when your energy dips during the day.

Time blocking allows you to focus at one task at a time making you 80% more productive.

Different Types of Time Blocking

Task Batching

Task batching is a practice of time blocking wherein you group similar tasks within a day to avoid interruptions. By this, you can identify tasks that are shallow and deep.

“Switching between various tasks can make projects take up to 50% longer to complete. Instead, it’s best to focus on a single batch of similar tasks,” John Media, author of the Brain Rules, stated.

Credits to Todoist.com

Day Theming

Day theming primes your mind what you need to do for that specific day. It helps you to do things based on importance, According to Blue Key,” by assigning goal themes to each workday and then relating a task to its daily theme, we can see which tasks are important specifically to that day’s theme”.

This method is helpful if you are doing group projects. This can help you to be progressive since you and your team are in sync even you are physically apart.

Credits to Entropy Organized

With this type of list, this does not only improve your time management but also helps you to declutter your mind to execute essential tasks.

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