manson's law of avoidance

What is Manson’s Law of Avoidance

Human behavior is being affected by the information that people perceived and the beliefs they established. Data and knowledge empower humans. Thus, as Manson's...

Learn The Paradox of Information

The more information and data people obtain, the better. Today's Information Age, wherein the things you need to know are easily acquired such as...

Rejection is fine, it makes us BOLDER

It is in the hardest moments that we learn effectively. Rejection is one of the struggles we face in life. But through this type...
types of progress

What are the Three Types of Progress?

A popular author of 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades, Thomas Frank, introduced the three types of progress as you try to build habits...

20 Sweet Phrases to Say to Your Child

Communicating with kids nowadays is quite challenging. Telling them sweet phrases is one of the solutions to strengthen your relationship. Hearing these from their...
benefits of reading

Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Daily

The benefits of reading have attributed to the success of people. The globally known CEOs have adopted reading as one of their habits. If...
learning to say no

Learning to Say No

Are you overcommitted because you are afraid to say no? Learning to say no can mainly improve your productivity. How is this possible? Learning...
playing increases productivity

Playing Games Increases Productivity

When you are experiencing a lot of pressure due to work, take time to play because playing increases productivity. Let's face it that playing...
sleep is for lazy people

The Paradox of Sleep is for Lazy People

They said that sleep is for lazy people and those who have lesser hours of sleep are hardworking. If you agree on this or...

How to become an Essentialist

You may be focusing to try the trivial many in the society and has forgotten the vital few. Being an essentialist will help...