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A Good Boss is Beneficial for First-time Job Seekers

good boss is beneficial

At present, most of the young professionals prefer to have a good boss than having high salaries. There are various explanations of why having a good boss is beneficial for first-time job seekers.

According to Jack Ma, a Chinese philanthropist and CEO of Alibaba said that a good boss is better than a good company. A good boss would discipline you, train you, develop you. The first job might not be your dream job but make sure that it is where you can learn a lot from others and stretch yourself.

“Not necessarily a company that has a great name, (but) you should find a good boss that can teach you how to be a human being — how to do things right, how to do things properly — and (you should) stay there,” Jack Ma added.

Apart from learning a lot, a good boss inspires you. If you are a young professional, having a good boss that inspires you is very beneficial. You are motivated to work and hope that someday you can also be as passionate as your boss.

More so, good bosses knows how to execute their purpose not just in the workplace but including life as a whole.

Accordingly,based on the data reported by the National Board of Economic Research, good managers can increase the productivity of employees by 11% and contribute to lowering turn over.

Having a good boss is beneficial for first-time job seekers because your first boss attributes to your career success. A good boss does not act like a boss but rather a leader. They help you to discover and attain your full potential not just as an employee but as who you are. Most importantly, they trust and empower their people rather than pushing their weight around.

The good bosses make work meaningful and exciting even you have a bad company. If employees do not have a great boss they thought of, they prefer to leave. A research conducted by Hogan Assessments showed that their direct superior appears to be the worst part of their job.

Moreover, direct bosses influenced employee happiness, satisfaction, productivity, and performance directly. Thus, a good relationship between employees and their managers is vital to the success of the company.

Opting to have a good boss rather than a high pay translates that people are being remembered on how they touch others’ lives rather than achieving a lot of things in life.


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