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6 Things To Do During Quarantine

things to do during quarantine

Are you getting bored from doing the same routine everyday due to the ongoing lock down? Here are some things you can do during quarantine. Keep up on staying at home and try these new stuff to kill boredom and at the same time, doing something new for yourself.

1.Online classes

They say that it is important to learn new things everyday. Here are tons of websites that are giving free access while we are all in quarantine. If you are interested to learn new habits and skills like photography, content writing, digital marketing, analytics, and entrepreneurship, visit SKILLSHARE and take its classes. Plus, courses are being taught by world-class mentors. Sign-up now and get two months free access.

Moreover, you can also learn on how to optimize the benefits of Adobe apps like Photoshop, Illustration and Lightroom through Behance. Try it now!

Apart from building habits and exploring graphic designing, Khan Academy offers free tutorials on how to code. Since all schools are suspended right now, it is an opportunity for you to advance your learning.

2. Workout

In order to fight COVID-19, you need to boost your immunity. One of the ways to become healthy is to exercise regularly. Now is the time to build the habit of exercising. There are a lot of exercising routines that are available in Youtube and Pinterest that can accompany you in your fitness journey.

3. Read books

One of the things you can do during quarantine is to read books that you have not read because you don’t have time to do it. If you’re looking for more books to read, you can visit the following websites for free access:

To give you some book recommendations, we have five self-improvements books that you can read.

If you do not prefer reading long paragraphs, it is ideal for you to read newsletter from prominent authors. I highly suggest you subscribe to John Clear’s newsletters.

4. Listen to various podcasts

Podcasts do not only entertain you but also stimulate your brain. You can listen to various podcasts in Spotify. I recommend you to listen the podcast of the Self-Improvement Daily by Brian Ford. His podcasts are mostly less than 10 minutes. Even more, the topics are interesting.

What’s more interesting, try to check the podcasts of Matt D’Avella, the Ground Up Show. His podcasts are interviews with people that has exceptional contributions. The purpose of these podcasts are to inspire listeners.

5. Learn to build a website

The world today is shifting to digital marketing. Try to consider understanding how websites are being build. You will know more about building a website when you attend an online class in Skill Share. Further, you can use Square Space whenever you want to try since there is a one month free trial, no credit card required. If you want to use it for good, Square Space offers a discount for your first month.

6. Start gardening

With the ongoing crisis brought by COVID-19, learn to appreciate the idea of farm to table. Go to your backyard and plant the fruits and vegetables that you are eating always. Love how nature works. Gardening is also therapeutic.

If you have your own garden, that’s great. Venture on more plants you want to cultivate or try redesigning your existing garden.

Maybe you are done watching the series on Netflix and the movies on HBO channel. Now is the time to try something new. Learn something new and master it. After this quarantine, you will be able to do something for yourself.

Keep safe everyone!

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