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Are you being disturbed by how our society behaves today in relation to our environment? Are you worried about the seemingly collective intellectual deterioration of our civilization? Are you sad about the possible fate of humanity amidst this approaching technological apocalypse? If this is the case, you must take part to change this reality by contributing what you can; by using your intellect, knowledge, and your voice along with your skills and talents to spread helpful ideas and solutions to our collective problem. By joining a group or movement that promotes useful knowledge and intellectual growth, local or international/online, you are helping the humanity survive this current global crisis we are experiencing. This is because knowledge is one of the most crucial weapons we must use to face this astonishingly difficult situation we are having today. 

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There are so many ways to express our thoughts and our concern for our society and the environment such as through writing (books, articles, stories, etc.), making documentaries, arts, and other forms of creativity each of us have. Regardless of your preferences and in which medium you are comfortable with, your effort is so essential to add impact to the solutions we want to manifest in the world for ourselves and for future generation. No matter how small the contribution is, if being done consistently, it will surely bring significant outcomes to us and to the society in the long run. We must remember that the important thing is that we share the wisdom we have gathered to make this world a better place again by any means possible. And by being active in different issues or campaigns, we can support each other improve things.

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Another thing we can do to help solve our social issues or problems is to establish a place for people to learn more ideas, philosophies, lifestyles / practices, and other kinds of subjects related to our existence as human society. We can have more community libraries, for example, or even just simple spaces that we can read, watch educational films, or discuss matters that are relevant. If we are regularly having these kinds of activities, for sure there will be more positive changes and results we will experience. The idea is to bring intellectualism to the grassroots level. Because the problem is that, people, specifically the masses, have been so detached from this culture of learning in their daily lives. Pre-occupied with financial worries and work pressures, most of them have lost their interest in improving their mental aspect.

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Somehow, it is the role of the so-called intellectuals or people who have enough knowledge/wisdom for our society, who read a lot and really care about their fellow human being, to bring this culture to the ground; use it to regain strength, for our society and the environment. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole and join the intellectual battle?

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