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What is the Purpose of Education?


Education must not only about instructions and trainings but most especially about helping the individuals grow and develop in his mental abilities and capacities in relation to the people and environment where he lives. It should improve other important aspects in people’s life too, serving as a vessel to where our future belongs; an existence that can be sustained and could sustain us humans for more millennia. But instead, education nowadays is focusing on a person’s ability to survive (and even get rich) in an intensely competitive hyper consumerist society without regards to people and nature; suggesting that mindless consumerism is normal; and that corporate pollution and wage slavery is necessary. If we want to correct the ways we are having right now as a society, we must first take another look at the direction our education is taking us.     

If there is one thing that we really have to pass on to the next generation, it is honest education. By honest I mean a kind of education that truly serves its purpose to all people in general and not only for the few rich individuals. Instead of enabling the society to attain higher perspectives, learning, values, and level of achievements for both individual and the collective, the education nowadays is almost just exist to serve the interests of the few, especially the elite that strongly influences most of our social institutions. Having an honest and truly humane and ethical educational system can help us addressed social issues efficiently because it provides long term solutions instead of temporary ones, driven by absolute greed for profit, causing social and environmental crises in many parts of the world.


This is why children really need to have the right education that could advance not only their material but also their moral and spiritual aspects as a person. In this way they can be responsible stewards of the earth themselves during their lifetime. In contrast, many so-called educated people, especially the richest few who are running the biggest corporations of the world, producing tons and tons of toxic industrial wastes (plastic, electronic products, cars, etc.) every month while also contaminating our water with heavy metals, live as if they are not really concern about the consequences of their decisions and actions. But education is not about exhausting or depleting our natural resources for great financial gains, usually at the expense of communities and even the future generations, but about ensuring an ecological and sustainable world for the children (and for ourselves too!) by improving the individuals in their attitude towards other people, animals, and the planet in general.

In today’s society, it’s almost you cannot survive and have your needs met without having basic education. Although this should not be the case always, education has become a sort of well-crafted system of indoctrination that are not only getting a lot of money from the parents but also manufacturing docile and hardworking individuals in the end. Instead of helping the human civilization evolve into a more intelligent, humane, and rational state, it is making the opposite; leading our children to endless work and blind consumption. It is our hope that more people would get involved and take part in making the educational system better.  

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