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Importance of having a Thinking Mindset (Inspired by Jordan Peterson)


Many people put their potentials to waste by thinking that they are not good enough or that they are not strong enough to face the harshness of the outside world. Many people disempower themselves further by wallowing on the idea that they are a victim of an unfortunate circumstance or an oppressive deed for the rest of their lives; sticking on a very counterproductive mindset. They underestimate the fact they, as a human, a dynamic intellectual and spiritual being, has enough capacity to beat most challenges that come no matter how tough or overpowering it seems to be.

It is somehow true that life is harsh and that being tough or strong all the time is very tiring but it is necessary for each and every one of us to confront the suffering voluntarily. Accepting to ourselves that we cannot do better, that we don’t have enough capacity, and that many problems and challenges are too much for us to have a healthy life is somewhat a very toxic thing for our mind. Not only that, it is also very harmful to our families and to the society in general. For us to succeed and to constantly advance in life, we must defy our fears and our obstacles by making our self stronger and smarter every day. Only by doing this we can realize that we are way stronger than what we think and that we are full of potentials.

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One of the things we can also do to prevent from being trampled by life’s severity is to have a kind of mindset that is really conscious, creative, and productive. We should prioritize and practice the things that make us better – physically, mentally, and therefore, spiritually if we want to pursue meaning and purpose in life. We should not let other people define us or limit us by simply accepting their negative judgements or labels on us. We should not let pessimism and laziness take over our journey and our fate in this existence. Just because it is true that life is anguish contaminated by wickedness doesn’t mean that we can’t create and live a good life. Just remember, for us to win the battles in this society, we must have a thinking mindset!

Instead of thinking that you are weak or not resilient enough, you should start taking the responsibility for your self and realize that you can actually counter that situation and use these self-doubts to improve your physical, emotional, and your intellectual capacities. As the saying goes, don’t be a weak loser!     


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