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Tools for Positive Social Change: Practical Skills


In a practical sense, it is somehow unfortunate that many people do not possess social skills that are very important in navigating the society we live in. Some examples of these things I’m talking about are knowledge (and application) of conflict resolution techniques, communication skills, community building, etc. What’s worse is that many people think they don’t really need these social tools in dealing with their daily affairs, their relationships, and their social life in general as they think all of these are just simple things that can be learned just by experience. The truth is that many people end up messing their life and their relationship to others because of the ignorance that they are trying to preserve within themselves.  

For example, if you try to look with enough attention you will notice how communities and societies are being endlessly torn apart by simple conflicts and misunderstandings. Most of the time, people fight and destroy each other over very small and sometimes even senseless issues in their community or even families. Unfortunately, many people end up in jail or in hospitals for these absurd matters and other communication fault conflicts. All throughout history, it is clear that miscommunication plays a very big role in people’s conflicts and troubles as most people do not know how to listen, assert, and deliver their message properly. If not avoiding them, people easily mishandle and allow the conflict to escalate as they are not equipped with abilities to manage and resolve them.    

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Flaws and conflicts exist in many aspects and layers of our social life especially in these times of full-blown technological and political revolution. If not given the right management, they could really potentially bring so much stress, miseries, and even serious troubles. However, if we can properly apply the skills needed to resolve and prevent these flaws, it will be easier for us to make our lives better and our relationship to one another healthy. In many parts of the world today, there are people, especially activists, who promote and teach these skills and they deserved to be supported as they are working to help make our world a better place. Some people advocate for these social tools and skills tirelessly, even at the expense of their lives. Obviously, these people deserve the right support and attention.

If you are interested to learn some social tools and skills for dealing conflicts and other important issues in your community, visit these websites:

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