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Existential Purpose and the Reality of Right and Wrong


Today many people on this earth believe that there are no universal right and wrong things within the reality, that the nature of every human action differs by how individual interprets them and see them, and that the concept of good and bad is relative and doesn’t really have physical/material/experiential grounding. For many of these people, they see morality only as a religious value and not as a common experiential result of our intellectual/psychological and cultural struggle and evolution; things that society carried and continued upon because it works and serves a well function for social maintenance, subsistence, and growth. Many people of today believe that all realities are not absolute and that it’s up to individual to define the truth and that we don’t need morality to exist as a society. However, to some this brings out serious concerns for so many valid reasons. 

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To challenge the philosophical underpinning of this idea, let’s consider these situations. For example, if a person comes to you and says that he wants to collaborate with you and that he would like to help you on a certain project that he’s really interested in but then after few days or months, just stop supporting you for no reason and leave you without explanation, would you get disappointed? If a man makes so much promises and impregnate a woman but then leave her without looking back and without responsibility for the child, would it make the woman (and the child) happy and feel secured? Of course the straight answer to these questions is no! This is the reason why this idea of “there is no right and wrong or good and bad” is a dangerous kind of thinking. What if your valuable stuff gets stolen, how would you feel? What if a random person slaps your face for no reason? What if someone wants to rape you or your daughter? What if someone enjoys killing people? What if someone wants to burn houses? What about the war, plunder, and genocide? These are some of the numerous questions that one should think about.     

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Despite the fact that the universe looks random and purposeless, I personally believe that there should still be a purpose (or a self-chosen purpose at least) for each of us in this existence. I mean this not in a Christian or any established religious sense of perspective or definition but at least for a human or societal reason. If we want to have a peaceful and thriving society or humanity, then there should be common grounds for us to coexist, a sort of agreement for us to respect and constantly improve. Think about other species or organisms of this planet for example, in nature, all of us exist in relation to other’s existence; a symbiosis of different living entities, micro to macro, interconnected through the web of life and relying on the same land, water, and air to live.

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From a mathematical perspective, and as the laws of physics suggest, almost everything in the matrix of our ecosystem is calculable through the representational thing called numbers. In the nature of the universe, everything has its own function. Though, this doesn’t mean that the law of physics could not be defied and that we should always consider it as a basis for everything. It can be defied or changed but however, it is important to put in mind that there is always a consequence and that it may result to either favorable or unfavorable outcome. This is the law of cause and effect. But no matter what, science and philosophy tells us that there are proper and improper ways of seeing/defining things and that there are situations that need to be prevented.  

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