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As we all know, school is not really enough to provide us useful knowledge about the world and about life in general. Though not all the time, of course there are many information from different levels of school that are very helpful and important; be it practical or abstract philosophical matters. However, all people must know that learning should never really stop from there. In addition, people must also learn to be critical about what they’ve studied from school. There are so many things we have to learn and understand in life and the times spent on school education alone are very limited compared to the vastness of the scope of life. This is why it is important to each and all of us to discover learning from different aspects of existence such as the environment (ex. other people, libraries/books, the available technology, etc.) and of course, from our experiences.

However, it is also important to be careful and as much as possible, seek guidance or at least do not immediately jump into conclusions when you encounter exciting new information. Just like any other things, knowledge when not used properly or when inappropriate might also be dangerous or harmful not only to your self but also to others as well. And another thing is that of course, as always, there are bad people or institutions that are lurking for innocent victims to use or prey upon for their own advantage and interests. These kinds of people deliberately provide information/knowledge everywhere they can just to take advantage or do harm instead of good. Nonetheless, when critically assessed and properly applied, knowledge is a very useful and essential tool for us to grow and thrive as an individual and as a society.  

So, have you ever thought about what topics do you really like to learn and what issues really capture your interest? Do you like biology, ecology, or the issues about the environment, animals, and plants? Are you interested about personal development, psychology, philosophy and other related topics? Are you a fan of arts and music especially those that convey meaningful lyrics or messages? Are you into spirituality and other esoteric or new age stuff? Do you love to learn about places, culture, or sociology in general? Or are you a fan of archaeology and ancient history that also loves to watch documentaries about aliens? Are ancient technologies a fascination to you? There is absolutely nothing wrong with having interest about these things but just be sure to be critical and careful.

So anyway if you want additional sources for your studies and learning hobby, in case you don’t know these sites yet, here are some that you might want to check out:

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