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List of YouTube Channels for Thinkers


Where do we go from here? This is what both the science and religion is trying to answer since time immemorial but seems up to these days, we still haven’t provided a promising answer to this ancient question yet. The biggest institutions of the world, known and unknown, is spending millions of dollars trying to answer fundamental issues our civilization is facing like this one, hoping that someday (at least this is what they claim) we can eradicate major human problems such as war, diseases, and poverty and that the future will be limitless abundant in resources, food, etc. For many, the question is trying to ask us about the course of humanity concerning our future and our worsening environmental crisis. It can also be a question about technology, its well-thought capacity and limitations. So it sends an alarming yet positively provocative call for all of us to stand and face our maturity, once and for all.

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Given it is very important to be conscious politically and socially, to question the very basic meaning or existence of thoughts, actions, and things, here are three amazing YouTube channels you might want to visit for your self-study. Before you proceed, it is important to put in mind that me, as an author of this article, does not suggest that the ideas discussed here are the only correct way of seeing and interpreting things. Of course, people have different experiences and not all ways of dealing them are the same. However, the observations and realizations being talked about on these channels are just practical answers to some people’s (mostly philosophers, scientists, and thinkers) personal curiosity, soliloquy, doubts, and even madness. It just so happened that others can relate too. Isn’t it? Anyway, let me now introduce the channels to you.

First is the channel called “Academy of Ideas”:

This channel talks about different topics within the realms of philosophy, psychology, and history, ranging from the Stoics of ancient Greece to 19th century Germany to the existentialist ideas of the 20th century. It also tackles important psychological subjects and views by Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and others. It brings highly intellectually stimulating topics that are very useful even to our current society.   

Another one is called “Psyche Truth”:


This channel exists to “help people take control of their health and happiness by posting informational videos on everything from nutrition & massage to psychology & yoga”. This channel is very helpful to doctors, yoga teachers, health coaches and anyone who wants to learn about not only health but also psychology, psychiatry, mental health, etc.

And the last one is called “School of life”:


This one is a philosophy channel promoting the importance and urgency of self-knowledge. Most of this video is narrated by Alain de Botton, a philosopher himself. It is established to provide the public practical philosophies that are usually not being taught in the school or not being discussed by many. These information are very helpful in improving our lives so we can have peace and productivity in our homes and our workplaces. According to the people behind this project, “we created The School of Life; a resource for helping us understand ourselves, for improving our relationships, our careers and our social lives – as well as for helping us find calm and get more out of our leisure hours”.

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In today’s mass media, people can now participate in the so-called information warfare that has been going on for quite a long period of time. The winner often determines the mass psychology, decisions, and direction. Of course, it is those that own the most resources often win. But there are hacking techniques for those who join the fight. So are you ready to fight (as if you have a choice)? Many important people such as historians, scientists, public intellectuals, artists, etc. through history have not only been witness, they also have become participants in this warfare. They have witnessed the decades of evolution in the information and technology culture and its influence on trends from decades ago up to the current time. It was clear to them how it is being used to manipulate the minds of the public using covert and overt techniques. So this is why it is so helpful for individuals to check out materials like these ones. Through exploring these intellectual avenues and channels, we will see how things on our social arena really look like as we stimulate critical thoughts within.

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