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The Importance of Goals and Visions

goals and visions

It’s another year for us to live our lives more meaningful. At every beginning of the year, some people either revisit or create their life goals and visions. It is important to note that goals and visions help us to stay focus. These are directions that will allow us to be better versions of ourselves.

Visions are made to guide us for our future. These are aligned to our principles and values which aim to inspire and motivate us in life. We set visions for the things we want to attain and most importantly, what we want to be in the next 3 to 5 years of our lives.

Accordingly, visions can also be considered as our whys. They make our lives purposeful once we identify what we want to do, achieve, and become in the future. Without vision, it is difficult for us to set the goals we want to accomplish.
Goals, on the other hand, are specific milestones for us to achieve our visions. These are sets of objectives that will help us to be on track. In creating goals, they must be specific, quantifiable, and timely.

Why do we need to set specific goals? Goals should stimulate actions because if dreams have no actions, these are purely hallucinations. In the business world, goals are the strategies and tactics we need to consider to obtain our targets. In the process of achieving our goals, we can sometimes realize to reevaluate our visions, and that is completely fine.

Goals and visions are the maps in our lives. They give us significant directions on where we are heading and how we can do it. That’s why it is important to ponder what you want to do in your life and to identify the actions you need to take in attaining it.


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