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Collaboration is the key to innovation


It’s hard to deny that we fall in love with our own ideas. However, collaboration nowadays is the key to organization’s breakthroughs. People in your organization is being hired to help you generate practical solutions that will help CEOs achieve their visions.

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. Breakthroughs are products of fostered ideas that are being generated through team’s brainstorming. With collaboration, critical minds can assess which among the ideas make sense after all.

Accordingly, there are a lot of solutions in companies that are half baked or terrible because no one scrutinize such ideas. Acknowledging the ideas of others and accepting the fact that there will always be a time in our lives that practical solutions are being thought by others.

Interestingly, collaboration empowers team members. Some people have low self-esteem because they are not used to be commended by the people around them. But because they’re given a chance to express their opinions, they were able to attain the sense of fulfillment that was deprived from them before.

That’s why companies conduct pitching event to encourage their employees especially those who are not in the top management to give proposal on how to improve their operations. This is how collaboration stimulates innovation. Traditional companies do not understand that generating of solutions can only be done by the people who are qualified in higher positions.

Keep in mind that just because people are in higher position means they are capable of generating practical solutions and they are the one who are always right. This is one of the costs that companies should consider.

Truly working with others means being willing to give and take as necessary for the greater good of the project at hand,” the report from Forbes stated.


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