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8 Ways to Attain Clear Goals

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The first month of 2021 ended quickly. However, some of us have not decided which goal to pursue for this year. Today, Ray Dalio, the author of the Principles will share tips to attain clear goals.

a. Prioritize: while you can have virtually anything you want, you can’t have everything you want

People can’t be satiated. We want to have everything but in reality, we can’t. To attain clear goals, you need to prioritize what is essential for you. Obtaining all options in front of you will stretch you thinner until you can’t accomplish anything. Remember, you do not need a lot of things to be happy.

b. Don’t confuse goals with desires

In life, we thought that we need to achieve that because it is necessary but in fact, we only desire it. Do not confuse your goals with desires because some wants in life hinder us to achieve the essentials.

c. Decide what you really want in life by reconciling your goals and desires

Just because we want it, we need it. Learn to consider the things you do with passion, these are the necessary things. Life is not worth living with your passion. Dalio emphasized that people will be ultimately fulfilled with the right levels of desires and goals.

d. Don’t mistake trappings of success for success itself

Importantly, just because they are earning higher than you, we can say that those people are happier than you. In life, the most successful ones are those who pursue what they really want to do. Never create goals that are influenced by society. Produce goals that are based on what you really want to do.

e. Never rule out of goal because you think it’s unattainable

Be bold in achieving goals in life. Just because it is difficult to attain means you could not possibly obtain your goals. Remember that goals are only impossible when we do not start executing our plans.

f. Remember that great expectations create capabilities

To attain clear goals, you need to push yourself beyond your capabilities. It is more fulfilling when you achieve something you have not imagined you can at the beginning.

g. Almost nothing can stop you from succeeding if you have flexibility and self-accountability

If you can adapt easily to reality and be accountable for your actions, you will easily obtain your goals. Learn to accept your short calculations because this will make you bolder

h. Knowing how to deal well with your setbacks is as important as knowing how to move forward

Challenges in life are inevitable. It is in the darkest time of our lives that we also found the strength we need to discover to move forward in life. When we are faced with setbacks do not be demoralized because sometimes it is nature’s way to allow us to experience hardships to help us be firmed on our choices in life.

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