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Why Challenging the Status Quo is Important


Everyone has the chance to choose their battles and mindset. But it is the mindset that drives one’s will to conquer the most difficult problem. According to James Clear, we reduce our fear of a problem when we start working on it. Thus, challenging the status quo is the reason why the inventions of unimaginable ways and products continue to exist.

Every day, it is important to ask yourself if you keep on doing things the way they are right now, what will you be for the next 20 years? It might be mind-blowing for some, but this question will make you realize that we, as a human, are created to think more for us to make valuable choices to attain a better quality of life.

Naveen Jain, the former CEO of InfoSpace, was known to be an innovative thinker for he is a believer in challenging the status quo. For him, if one does not call him crazy for what he’s thinking, he assumes that he is not dreaming big.

Do not think that challenging the status quo is rebellious. Sometimes, bringing up and fostering ideas ignite breakthroughs, especially, in businesses. Interestingly, challenging the status quo aims to improve the ways we do things. Thus, it significantly reduces costs when done effectively.

Respectively, if you pursue to change the status quo, you will see the genuine characters of the people you are working with. You do not only benefit from the results but importantly, the process that you need to take while the changes are gradually taking place.

The way people do their job influenced their behaviors. According to Jerry Shih, business processes affect the culture of the company. That’s why re-engineering initiatives can reinforce cultural change in the organization.

Further, based on the Forbes article of Erika AndersenPeople will change their behavior if they see the new behavior as easy, rewarding, and normal. 

Improving the status quo generates growth and opportunities. It is important to note that doing this mainly aims to address a problem and not to make it more disruptive. By doing this, does not only improves the way people do things but the mindset they have.


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