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Asking the right question leads you to right answer, Naveen Jain says


As much as possible, most people avoid having problems. But it is when we solve the problems that we become better. Naveen Jain, the former CEO of Infospace, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, shared his wisdom on how individuals should solve big problems.

According to Naveen Jain, when we want to change the world, we need to obsess in seeking solutions. He explained that smooth patterns are unhealthy. Thus, he has a morning habit to read the top scientific journals and make sure to get an update on most cutting research.

To approach big problems, one should come up with the right questions to seek for right answers. Interestingly, it is by asking questions that we learn effectively.

“You don’t need mentors really, peer to peer learning is equally powerful. Answer the question — why do you want to educate children? and you will be able to foresee the future of education”, says Naveen Jain. He added that when you are hook by the education system immensely, you are becoming irrelevant. It is the technology that makes people more connected.

Moreover, Jain also emphasized that people learn more when they try to solve the most problematic issues. Even when pitching ideas, generating questions is the key for you to strengthen your proposition. It is similar to our lives, when we were young, we were also being asked what we want to be when we grow. This has been a drive for us what path we need to take in our life. However, educators nowadays seemed to revise that question. Instead, they asked children what problems they want to solve.

Life problems may be omnipresent. It can exist generation to generations. But keep in mind that you can solve it differently. And it is where learning comes.

Source: https://medium.com/@vidyangispatil/a-moonshot-thinker-called-naveen-jain-df9b4d7cd586


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