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The Secrets on How To Solve Big Problems by Bill Gates

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

People encounter new problems every day. Not all people are inclined to be quick problem solvers. Today, Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, will impart his secrets on how to solve big problems.

People like Bill Gates solve big problems by asking two specific questions that will help him to address the existing issues. Asking questions that help solve big problems hold true to Bill Gates up to the present.

Bill Gates stated in his Instagram account that “ever since I was a teenager, I’ve tackled every big new problem the same way: by starting off with two questions. I used this technique at Microsoft, and I still use it today. I ask these questions literally every week about COVID-19. Here they are: Who has dealt with this problem well? And what can we learn from them?”

When we encounter problems, the majority will automatically search for the solutions. But Bill Gates emphasized his approach of asking questions that help solve big problems. For him, it is important to recognize that we can learn from others who are already doing it.

As they said, in order to learn, we need to relearn. That’s why prominent CEOs around the world continue to read books because they believe people from the past have already encountered today’s problems.

Gates explained that if we have difficulty, we search for tutorials on Youtube and other information on Google because we believe that other people already experienced it. This is the reason why there are communities online like Medium, Reddit, Quora, and other platforms wherein people can discuss things about certain things.

The said questions obtain certain essential leadership traits. First, acknowledge that you do not know a certain matter. Second, look for certain information or mentors who can help you. Lastly, to learn.

Importantly, true leaders are humble enough to admit that they do not know all things and they can’t monopolize all ideas. Most importantly, the willingness to learn makes you better.

To be humble and to seek learnings are the secrets on how to solve big problems. By doing this, you save a lot of time than searching for solutions by yourself.


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