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The Golden Circle of Simon Sinek

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Many people are being stretched thinner because they joggle a lot of things yet they feel unmotivated. The Golden Circle of Simon Sinek, an author of Start With Why, will help you determine the benefits of setting a rational basis when making decisions.

Simon Sinek emphasized the importance of knowing your “why” and understanding the “why” of businesses and organizations. According to him, companies’ “why” are greater than their mission, vision, and goals. Establishing and radiating the “why” will help companies inspire their people.

On a more personal note, when you know your “whys” in life, you can live with integrity. More so, you can easily figure out the “how” and “what”. This is where the Golden Circle, a tool that guides companies to thrive in their industry, comes in. It has three elements that are interconnected with one another. The main purpose of this diagram is to provide clarity and mindfulness.

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Balancing the golden circle would help leaders lay a strong foundation to the culture of your organisation,” Simon stated.

Once businesses know their purpose, they can easily determine how to communicate their motives and it is through their products and services they radiate their why. Thus, determining “why” is powerful for businesses and organizations nowadays.

In the book, Simon Sinek emphasized the success story of Apple. Steve Jobs had innovated well because he solely started his works by serving his “why”.

When Apple marketed its Ipod, they introduced it by telling people that 1000 songs can be placed inside their pockets for convenience. Steve Jobs highlighted that customers do not care about your product. They care about how your product can improve their life.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN0SVBCJqLs

Moreover, the Golden Circle has been used as a theoretical model for leadership and business. Some use this to determine their value proposition.

“The neuroscience behind the Golden Circle idea is that humans respond best when messages communicate with those parts of their brain that control emotions, behaviour, and decision-making,” Dave Chaffey¬†of Smart Insight explained.

Thus, people also use this model when they are deciding. It is important that decisions must be based on values and interests. If personal decisions are based on business interest there’s a possibility that these interests will change over time.


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