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The Five Secrets of a CEO in Making His Business Successful


Nowadays, there are a lot of CEOs who deviate from measuring employees’ efficiency to the number of hours they work. Check out as Getaway CEO Jon Staff imparted the not-so-common secrets of a CEO in making business thrive.

Jon’s main secret in making his business successful is to allow his employees to take a break and unplug.

“It’s a guide to unplugging and reconnecting with what really matters daily, something especially poignant, as many of us aren’t able to get away,” Staff stated on the report of Forbes.

Interestingly, Jon Staff shared some of the promising secrets of a CEO in making not just the business successful but also to improve one’s quality of life.

Social media detox

In this digital age, information can easily be accessible. Thus, the more you spend time on your social media, the more you become anxious with the information you absorb.

“Taking days off that are free from technological distractions helps people be more creative, happier, and healthier,” Staff stated.

study found that the more you spend time on social media, the more likely you will develop depression.

Journal of gratitude

“Personally, I find that saying something I’m grateful for out loud every morning helps ground me – even the small things. You need that grounding feeling when you’re building a business, as things can (and do) go awry often,” Staff said.

Moreover, whenever you acknowledge the things you are grateful for, your overall well-being and health improve.

Reading a book

Another secret of a CEO that will help you to become successful in life is to read a book,

“I find that rooting myself back to the small things that bring me joy and serenity during off time, like reading a book, replenishes my focus, and sets me up to combat burnout,” Staff mentioned.

Reading books has various benefits. One of those is to increase your focus and knowledge. Plus, it gives you various perspectives on matters in life.

Spend time outside

“Some of my best thinking comes from time spent outside alone. That was where the idea for Getaway began in earnest. I encourage my team to leave their desks and get some fresh air every day, as you never know where – and when – inspiration can hit,” Staff said.

Spending time outside can also contribute to one’s health and well-being improvement.

“Research suggests that spending time outside can function as natural medicine. It can help improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Spending more time outdoors is also linked to a lower risk of early death,”  Robyn Whalen stated.

Take a break

Interestingly, Staff imparted his insights regarding Getaway’s mission of giving his employees a healthy work-life balance by providing people the time, space, and permission to be ‘off’ applies to our employees.

Giving yourself a break to go on a vacation will give you a fresh perspective and a restart that will prevent you from experiencing burnout from working.

Source: How A CEO Built A Successful Business By Letting His Employees Get Away


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