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How to Increase Productivity By Doing Less

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Most people are having a hard time juggling unending to-do lists and deliverables. Today, let us unlock on how to increase productivity by doing less. It does not mean when you are busy, you are already productive. Keep in mind that productivity is an efficient way of doing things right.

According to James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, people are motivated to do what is easy. The action is less likely to occur when it entails more energy. Thus, you need to be more mindful of your day-to-day habits that can affect your productivity.

Importantly, when there are a lot of things that hinder your productivity, it will be difficult for you to get things done efficiently. To increase productivity, you can optimize the use of technologies. Why? It reduces the obstacles of the things you need to do.

One ideal habit to make your working files and documents more convenient is using a cloud storage like OneDrive, Google Drive, icloud and DropBox. It allows you to access your important files and documents across your devices without compromising the security of your technologies.

With these cloud services, you do not have to bring your PCs everywhere just to have access on these documents. You do not need to use external hard drives and flash drives all the time to share files with your colleagues and friend. All you need to do is get the shareable link of the file and send it to the person whom you wanted to share the file with.

To lessen the things that you need to remember, you can always adopt the habit of doing checklist. Simple as it is, but having a checklist can optimize your productivity.

Long time ago, checklist was used by surgeons to save a lot of lives. Checklist is one of the system that is efficient in handling complexities. It enables you to identify what are the important and urgent matters to prioritize. To know more about the importance of checklist, you may read the Power of Creating Checklists.

In creating checklist, you can use Microsoft To-do, Wunderlist, and Evernote. These applications will help you optimize your productivity by their easy-to-use features that can be used in your laptops and phones.

Aside from the technological solutions, priming your environment can increase your productivity.

Oswald Nuckols, IT developer, has a habit of resetting the room. When he leaves his car, he makes sure that he throws his trash right away. After watching television, he folds the blanket, arranges the pillow, and places the remote back on the TV stand.

He noted that resetting the room does not mean to just clean it up, but to prepare for the next action.

“Whenever you organize a space for its purpose, you are priming it to make the next action easy,” Oswald explained.

If you want to increase your productivity, design your environment wherein it encourages you to work more.

Environment is significant in shaping human behavior.

When you want to check emails once a day without any interruption, separate your phone from you.

To learn more about how does changing your environment make your habits effective, read Changing Environment to Build New Habits Effectively.

Little frictions in your daily routine can hinder you to become productive. Bear in mind to redesign your life wherein the actions and habits that matter most are the easiest to do.