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Advantages in using Credit Cards


Here’s the list on ways to Save Money. Let us know what you think.

1. Credit Card Rewards

The use of credit card as a payment gives you the chance to benefit on rewards such as cash back, air miles and travel points. Travel points allows you to take advantage of vacation packages, hotel stays and groceries. Air miles to earn points and save it for an air fare purchase worldwide. Lastly, the cash back where you can have the privilege to refund a small percentage on your purchases either in the form of cheque or credit.

2. Improves Credit Score

Credit Score is based on your credit history and utilization. But many people don’t know that not using credit card also affect their scores dramatically. Good credit score gives you a better chance on loan approval, lower interest rates on credit card, better car insurance rates and many more.

3. Convenience

The feature of a credit card tap and swipe gives you the convenience of paying for your grocery. There would be no more running to the ATM just to get that cash. Source: The Huffington Post



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